Sonic Week 6.5: Bumpy Rides


BPM slows tempo on the final track from their no-boundaries bass compilation Kaizen Movements Vol I, coming up for one grand and busty melodic breath with the Benjha original “Lighthouse Blues.” Like a final scene or the last chapter in a tale of splits, it punches our sights upward and out of  those muggy memory caves with deep techno rhythms, eastern brass tone samples and vocals cut to render the feeling of a choir- big and irresistible, we’re urged to follow these parts to another peace.

Throbbing intros continue on “Hello Mr.Bukowski,” a fantastic first-time banger from German tech-house producer BelaBang. Minimal and twitching with fabulous deformities, this nearly 9-minute track fuels like thick and lazy oil inching through a low-riding, after-party-bound 80’s LeSabre. Egokind mixes warmth into “Surprise Surprise,” a collaborative and straightforward house effort from fellow Berlin producers U So Witty and Sam Lidman. FaltyDL (Ninja Tune) drops a motion-sensing single “Do Me” that hypes repetition like it’s a neglected musical technique, but something subtle redeems. Rombo spins elastic bass into the now re-tailored DJ Rashad track “Drank, Kush, Barz.” Big tune bass faces, ensue!

Cologne-based singer lo saw the potential of merging two very different songs, one a lovely techno track by Paul Kalkbrenner and another an 80’s lovers hit by Terence Trent D’Arby. lo covered D’Arby’s vocals and slowed down Kalkbrenner’s “Azure”  to a lover’s tempo, tackling cynicism with a moment of fresh romance. Canadian techno duo Auk files clean layers and angular synth sounds into studious, club-ready techno on “Tomorrow Morning.” Filthy beats and sneaky basslines shiver dust away on “Scriptina,” the latest SOULECTION feature from Belgium’s fearless bass trick Losco. As long as we’re tight in the heat of heavy sound, Dutch producer Boeboe matches Losco and raises in fat-tone chips on the aptly named track “Drift.”


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