Sonic Week 5.14: Crunchy & Crass


Hip hop is about breathing confidence, catching onto rhythms that ride high, rappers that infect and inflame our own long and tall strides. Wordplay so phonetically pleasing and inspirations so poetically driven- finding good hip hop can make everything else seem lazy and grey. Match that quality to an ambitious beat and drive.

Mindsone and Kev Brown lay the funky groundwork for Stones Throw MC Homeboy Sandman on “Pop,” and producer STWO reinterprets Jay Prince’s “Stay On My Cool” with a dreamy, slow-teeter soundsphere trending hard in instrumental hip hop via Shlohmoαtu and Dpat. “Benz Friendz” is a poppy dose of beats starring a few of Atlanta’s finest, but this one is really just about André 3000. Rhymesayers newbie deM atlaS released an inspiring choral/hip hop combo on “All We Got,” and the daunting mood and poetic center of Jonwayne’s new single “Third Abandoned Planet” is a free-flowing style sifting through dark conscious and Burroughs samples.

A summer vibe from Jeremiah Jae’s latest Warp mixtape Good Times, “The Heat” is smooth, easy and extremely palpable in sunny porch daze. Wobbling electronics tilt over warped vocal filters on the strange and enjoyable “Airlock” from London based b a y o u- his entire recent release Loopback is poppy and distorted, a breezy background listen. Dex Amora demonstrates quick flow over a swerving Mr. Troy production on “Who I Be,” and our absolute favorite rising rapper Goldlink (check “Creep“) dropped this smokey collaboration with Danish duo Galimatias & Joppe just before releasing his first full length album this month, The God Complex. Finally, an older track from Greek producer Benjha (Other PeopleNicolas Jaar, Valentin Stip) that swims deep in percussive psychedelia, fresh effects and off-color comfort.


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