Sonic Week 3.31: Burn & Lay


Trance echos and a warped Alt-J surface bring about mystery and vocal wonder on “Far From The Tree,” a spotlight track off Bob Moses’ latest EP. House music curiously continues from Madmotormiquel, the Berlin producer who speaks through ominous repetitions on the jazz combo “Daddy Are You Proud.” Always provocative English jazz and electronic group The Cinematic Orchestra remixes a song by their own (seriously sensual) vocalist Heidi Vogel, an off-beat experience best fit for momentous scenes. If nothing else, “Turn Up The Quiet” serves to jostle your day, to pound out normality with a ripe shake in arrangement. French duo Kaben paints a forever present ache for whatever is farthest from you on “Alpha Over The Sea,” a hearty song for saps who savor the romantic gloom where missing lives strongest.

Alle Farben toys with swing house and big bass in prep for the upcoming release of Synesthesia; his session remix of Tinush can rework negative energy into a party shuffle, a move we recommend for optimum appreciation. London’s dark & audacious duo ARC has shared a set of complete reworks with us, leaving the Joe Taylor original behind in a dusty pursuit of heavier feeling. Hearts meander in Jaar riff twang, tasteful vocal samples and a burn for deep house growing luxuriously beneath. Next- modern R&B brought to you by two incredible electronic producers Atu and Dpat- their remix of Abhi and Dijon’s “Let You Know” is crazy lush, saturated and sad but too smooth to markedly revel in the dark with. Any track touched by N’to, even one by minimal favorite Wanklemut, yields warmth and wildly addicting grace, so melodically vibrant that we’d like to venture to his “Wasted So Much Time” remix every day this Spring, please.


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