Moogfest 2014: 15 Musicians You’d Be Batshit Crazy Not To See

moogfest-header We’ve finally finished sorting through the adventurous lineup that is Moogfest 2014, and it’s fair to conclude that Asheville, NC is the only place you really need to be this April. It’s the most adventurous lineup of big and small talent to show itself yet this year, and its emphasis on the future of technology, art and music makes it also the coolest environment to soak up advice for contributing to the omni-dimensional-post-twitter-and-always-expanding online universe. Who not to miss at Moogfest this year, NIGHT PROGRAMMING:

Awesome Tapes From Africa photo by Smina Bluth

Awesome Tapes From Africa: Ethnomusicologist Brian Shimkovitz began this LA-based blog/compilation label to showcase and share regional African music that’s not very easy to come by. His dedication extents as a cassette tape DJ, playing a bevy of genres-  fuji, benga, tsonga disco, soukous, hip hop, rhumba and ethio-soul- that he first came to find and love while traveling in Africa. Incredible. Listen: Dance Khomela, Bintou Sidibe


avery tare cat

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks: Avey Tare (Animal Collective), Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors) and Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail, Dan Deacon) make up this experimental group described by Tare as “a group of three hippies on a road trip through the backwaters of 2013’s rural music scene fall prey to a murderous cannibalistic band making…” If the videos are as acid-laced as their live shows, we’ll be there. Listen: Strange Colores, Little Fang


Black Dice photo by Darren Webb

Black Dice photo by Darren Webb

Black Dice: With songs titled “Gag Shack” and “Shithouse Drifter,” we know to expect something strange. Black Dice writes boundless electronic music, catagorized by maximizing distortion and abrasive effects over only a few notes. We’re not sure what the crowd will dance like, but we know these guys will indulge in auditory manipulation until the walls between noise and music shake and wither away. Listen: Pigs, Glazin’


chic live


CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers: So you don’t care for disco, but you like LCD Soundsystem. Funk is the gloriously camp backdrop to disco, expressed with the uptmost jam band stylings of CHIC from the late 1970’s through today. Stripped down disco funk from legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers is definitely a moment in music- a catapult to the excitement felt by a different generation- that you won’t want to miss. Listen: Le Freak, Everybody Dance



Darkstar photo by Aurelien Guichard

Darkstar: Dreamy, delicious and weird. Darkstar exploded onto electronic music’s collection of pleasantly odd ventures with 2013’s News From Nowhere. Mad crescendos and melodically driven effects pretty much guarantee that this set will stand out. Listen: You Don’t Need A Weatherman, Amplified Ease



Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon: Electronic music’s current entrepreneur of the live performance experience, Dan Deacon is famous for instigating insane, sweaty dance parties and participatory crowd adventures. He creates and gathers energy then spills it all over his audience; if you don’t feel the adrenaline coming into his show, you will when you leave. Listen: Baltihorse, True Thrush


Holly Herndon photo by Rene Passet

Holly Herndon photo by Rene Passet

Holly Herndon: Abstract musical personality and MFA graduate in Electronic Composition Holly Herndon spent her teenage years DJing around Berlin. Oftentimes creepy and housing indiscernible emotions, her academic approach to producing and performing might be more of a live sonic journey than a deliberate presentation. Listen: Chorus, Dilato



Kaytranada: Glitchy trip hop meshing with energetic funk and sometimes cutting towards dirty strains of hip hop, KAYTRANDA is bound by nothing permanent. This set will be fresh, friends, we wouldn’t miss it and neither should you. Listen: Hilarity Duff, Hot Jazzybelle


kraftwerk crowd 3d

Kraftwerk 3D: 3D glasses required for a show? We wouldn’t do it for anyone other than Kraftwerk… well maybe Daft Punk. These absolute legends- these pioneers of electronic synth-driven music- have been kicking around Germany and the rest of the world since 1970. Largely recognized as one of the most influential groups of our time, this forage into 3D territory is explained by Moogfest as a “perfectly synchronized audio-visual spectacle complete with pristine digital sound and 3-D projections. It is a pure electronic art-rave.” Shouldn’t, can’t, won’t miss it. Listen: Radioactivity, Showroom Dummies 


mike huckaby

Mike Huckaby

Mike Huckaby: This understated Detroit house tastemaker creates tracks that demonstrate how to use software to create desired effects. His drive to educate stems from his mastery of techno and house music, evident in live mixes and what will surely come from his Moogfest set. Listen: The My Life With The Wave Show




Moderat: Modeselektor and Apparat join German techno forces, merging into a sound so legendary that the project is now its own force entirely. While comparisons include Radiohead, Burial and Nathan Fake, nothing truly compares to their unique and reliable variety of soft and hard techno, simultaneously radiating both grime and beautiful melodies. Listen: Let In The Light, A New Error


Shigeto photo by Okayfuture

Shigeto photo by Okayfuture

Shigeto: Expect deeply romantic vibes from Shigeto, a man who’s conquered the encompassment of emotion into small, slow-churning riffs and extremely intuitive, minimal melodies. Like Shlohmo, Ryan Hemsworth and Ta-ku, except with more psychedelic wave bubbles. Listen: Miss You, Soul Searching



Slow Hands

Slow Hands: The Wolf + Lamb synth-lover from NYC brings upbeat fortitude to those sometimes dark techno stages. His music finds a well-rounded balance between minimal Jaar sounds and LCD electro fun. He’ll join some of his crew at Moogfest (Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Nick Monaco); we wouldn’t be surprised to see some joint performances throughout the week. Listen: Rough Hands, Fleece On Brain



TOKiMONSTA: Sporadic at times and high on pretty beats at others, this Brainfeeder-affiliated LA woman will likely be a standout performance at Moogfest. She seems to constantly fluctuate between dirty hip hop, twisty electro grime and radio-friendly pop- can you imagine what will make it into her live set? Listen: Go With It, 808, Smoke & Mirrors


Two Fresh photo by Cinesthetics

Two Fresh photo by Cinesthetics

Two Fresh: Extreme trap duo from Denver Kendo and Shweez is going to put on an insane show- hip hop vibes and scattered dubstep drops will work to bring a huge span of Moogfest attendees together, because well, good is good, and good knows no genres, etc etc. Listen: Ro$enberg, You & Me




Q-Tip- 90’s hip hop legend and principle front man for A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip is running solo in a recent revamp of his touring career. His beats are always fresh and living out good feelings, while his lyrical influence has impacted decades of intelligent rap- this is not a show you’re likely to stumble on again soon so don’t miss out on one of hip hop’s finest. Listen: Won’t Trade, Let’s Ride

Full Lineup:

2 Responses to “Moogfest 2014: 15 Musicians You’d Be Batshit Crazy Not To See”
  1. Nice, don’t sleep on either the Movement or RVNG Intl Showcases It’ll be difficult to break away from those. Do you know if the lineup is set or are they still planning on adding artists?

    Ones I’m excited for:
    Underground Resistance presents Timeline
    Reference (Luke Hess & Brian Kage)
    Hieroglyphic Being
    Mike Huckaby
    Giorgio Moroder
    Metro Area
    Mike Simonetti
    Awesome Tapes From Africa
    Factory Floor
    Holly Herndon
    Flying Lotus

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