Sonic Week 3.24: Lust Cave


Classical meets glitch on Max Cooper’s collaboration with pianist Tom Hodges. Producing semi-randomized sounds from a first piano draft and outside recordings, a base which was then used to structure another draft of piano accompaniment, and so on for cycles until the auditory gouging of “Fragments of Self” emerged. Chicago’s Dre Green and Jeremiah Meece peek out from the winter with a dark pixie single, one that’s sensual and cloudy, a voice from the wells of blind, heavy love. Purple Velvet and Lisa D on sax sample Lauren Hill alongside a tantalizing beat, creating a loop fully prepared to stick in your head. Jerry Folk, the 18 year old Norwegian pursuing truly happy house, fills perfectly into his niche with a remix of Jill Scott’s “Daydreamin.”

Pascäal slows us down with floating textures and gorgeous, trippy sprouts of sound- all nuzzled tight, saturated and clean. Umami transforms Boney M’s disco hit “Sunny” into an incredible club find, a track designed to turn any room into a shuffle space. Nicola Cruz gives passionate vocals new life on his rework of “La Llorona,” a true to original mourning, a showcase of the strength sadness can harbor. “Take Me” is the simplest song on Sisyphus’ complex debut, however the emotions enclosed ray for days in repetition: “Love, take me to your room, I wanna be your friend.” The swing edits of Bring Your Knitting Disco (BYKD) are described as “party music adjusted for the comfortably seated;” Scatman Crothers’ cowboy song cover is one of many minimal reworks aimed to promote the music of its original artists. Finally, the buzz behind Modular People’s Movement is strongly verified with the sexy, well-paced crescendos of “Like Lust.” It seems like every electronic artist is aiming for a glowing slow jam that somehow sticks out above the rest, and Movement has nailed it.


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