Sonic Week 2.28: Crackle Hop

HITS HITS HITS HITS Oh baby girl you look so fine, oh baby girl you look so fine.


Queens-based Stones Throw hip hop masher Homeboy Sandman releases a bonus track with every new record. While it’s quite literally a ‘buy my music now’ plea, beats by El RTNC and Paul White (Danny Brown’s Old) are fresh enough to work on us; White Sands is dark, playful, silky and sure. Fellow New Yorker MeLo-X gracefully copes with post-breakup peace on his newly produced lofty kush: “Memories were made to flea/when you abandoned me/but a tree must be a tree.” Houston native Dpat spins an indescribably sexy form on “Over,” one of seven instrumental tracks on In Bloom– gooey modern dreams, robust blends of electronics and live instrumental warmth.

Tennis Shoes, Chicago’s rising hip hop flywire is revving due energy on “bravado,” a speed up from his previous project and designed for the hard romantic concepts on Ours, out this April. Goofy harp-spread confidence on a flow you can truly step to, “I got all my bitches balsamic undressin’/in other words they could see I got the salad.” The Brown grad’s selection of beats is core to our anticipation- he’s got fresh Chi energy and good for us he’s unafraid to spit it: “My name is Enrico and you can’t say that without sayin’ Chicago.”

“HITS HITS HITS NIGGA HITS HITS HITS” yells R.A. The Rugged Man at the start of Mr. Green’s mindfully mastered beat “Underground Hits Remix,” a hot spread of harsh on delicate doing all the right things. French producer Goomar echos Wax Taylor with ripe beats laid out over glitchy, speakeasy samples on “What Love Is.” Pyramid Vritra continues, once again reminding us why Stones Throw Records is a consistently reliable source of quality Cali hip hop form. Chic vocals and club beat formulas sparkle and divide, it feels so good to indulge in Le1f’s dirty “Boom.” Mr. Green’s production skills are a growing favorite, as regular collaborator PaceWon tunes into on the easy breezy rolling beat of “Children Sing.” Aussie producer Soulchef mixes a dreamy state into Rashid Hadee’s poetic scales, “I hula hoop through the loops of immunity.” Finally, a nutty mashup of Childish Gambino and Thomas the Tank Engine, one to split a crowd and stick in your head with that rare seed of weird, weird brilliance.


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