Sonic Week 2.10: Hop Shush

“It’s not a matter of whether or not you can play/but a scale of if you give a fuck enough to make us stay” -Grieves


Chicago’s Stank Face Records hip hop crew collaborates on “I’m Hungry,” a full on savage of playful lyrics and the serious conditions that inspire them. The Palmer Squares lead on this label feature, followed by more of Chicago’s finely styled hip hop players Rebel Legato, Loud Mouth, Will is Chillin’, Bruce Bayne and producer D.R.O.

Funk beat-maker Brock Berrigan- photographed usually as a rainbow smoking rooster- is densely into sampling and reworks. To our satisfaction, a fresh stream of originality arises from his initially crowded style; Four Walls and an Amplifier‘s instrumental title track is featured below. Grieves breaks his silence on “Shreds,” a poignant lyrical example of why we need more Rhymesayers in our lives: “Not really the one to give God praise/but if you’ve got the gospel then tell me how it tastes.” Catch Winter & the Wolves out this March. For his Soundcloud debut, Boogie goes blunt about his industry peers on “Bitter Raps.” It’s self-aware, casual and a fine component to the minimal production behind it. 

Detroit producer and MC Black Milk flows like Kanye over beats inspired from his days working with J Dilla. “Cold Day” is saturated with old school technique, the first single to wave since he dropped No Poison No Paradise and an entire EP with Danny Brown. Unkwon remixes an otherwise drab tune by When Saints Go Machine and Killer Mike, replacing 808s with bell chimes and buzzing snake bass. Next hear Mr. J. Medeiros’ mellow voice over the Dutch jazz lounge beats of Beatsofreen. “Forenoon” is calm and smooth to follow and nod along to. A little older but still feeling fresh, Hop Slush finishes with the anonymous Spark Master Tape as he samples Feist’s beautiful “Caught a Long Wind.” Her vocal grace and his aggressive manifesto address a slow-motion harshness to his reflection, “Have a party with my motherfucker/who won’t make it back/but that’s just life on the grizzle/live and die fast.”


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