Valentin Stip- Sigh


A Nicolas Jaar backing is viral gold in the electronic music community. Jaar’s unique command of sultry, bass-driven minimalism has effectively guaranteed the relevance of anyone tied to his serial label, Other People. Valentin Stip, known for heavy moods and bizarre melody methods on previous EPs, has chosen to pursue a dimly lit, conceptual sound for his first LP, Sigh. Momentarily spent on classic beats, the Montreal-based musician has contrived an introspective album for seekers of contemplation and students of patience.

That being said: if you’re feeling impatient, a junkie for the freshest single and craving those sick Other People bass lines right here and now, take a pass on Valentin Stip’s new album. Wait until you have time and solitude to give, because Sigh is a journey. Track 2 does not make sense until you hear tracks 3 and 4, and so on. While “Pendula” is a lingering collection of wet, structureless percussive effects, it paves the anticipatory groundwork for its seamless follower, “Aletheia.” Listening is to pass through 8 minutes of paced, determined builds and the humbled mystique of distant chanting vocals.  Sigh continues to stack its cautious adrenaline on “Correlation,” a track supremely fit for scoring a David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino scene- one that includes a night drive and vivid personal conviction.

Although there is no definite climax to the album, “Sigh” is a grim and fitting finale, totaling in 10 elongated, mysterious minutes. Sigh is an entirely abstract and moody collection of songs that fits a fearless cinematic sound. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, an abstract work can carry inexplicable soul with it. Although the means to its effect on us are mystifying and the explanations irrelevant or nonexistent, we can gather that something deeper is being expressed. I might not know Val personally, but after a few hard listens to Sigh, I felt like I’d experienced a sort of intimacy with him. It triggered my connection and whirling thoughts of dark romanticism- a single, inimitable example of the musical depth that we’d all do well to look out for.

Sigh is available now through a $5/month subscription to Other People or February 24 via iTunes pre-order. In the meantime check out the best of his older tunes:


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