Egokind- Diamond Days EP


Jan Hammele is Egokind, Berlin’s ripening minimal techno producer of only 23 years. He’s been sharing music since 2012, culminating in a crowded Soundcloud page that knows how to keep our attention. Every original, remix and set finds a means to originality through impulsive tempos and saturated melodic hardware. He joins Cologne label Traum (Extrawelt, Max Cooper) for his first decorated release, Diamond Days. It’s crackling with Caribou influences, flowing prose up a melody of twisting rivers, answering to rocks and minnows with flexing muscles and minimal intuition. Hammele’s music is curvy and unpredictable, but through it all we hear Egokind.

“Diamond Days” is a club hit by any other tone, swerving around discotheque fame with deep bass lines and almost underwhelming drops- ones that glisten in momentous waves but never grovel to be more. It’s a tune that throbs with organic energy, dosed with swelling chord crescendos and an oddity of clean pushes and pulls, the sweet & shy accomplice to glitch. And a verified dance track, too:

“Mijal” growls over disjointed selections of warmth and concrete bedroom techno. Pampa, DJ Koze & crew don’t fall far from this second track, featuring a coming of age darkness that works to distance itself from his first batch of lighter tracks in 2012. “Fade Me” takes Diamond Days even deeper, hosting ghostly arpeggios over charm and confusion and lace-draped fear- it’s a trip and it’s going through a picturesque, lonesome place- the lushest on the EP. A subtle piano-driven haunt continues as “Blood” pounds out an incredible beat, forcing our senses to understand the wandering compositions layered in front of us.

“Sinus,” is a razory collaboration with Ozean that verifies Hammele’s essentially gold touch, while his work with Parra for Cuva (FR) on “Nuba” is a pleasant hyper-minimal filler that suits the romantic French tune of N’TO or Brazil’s Gui Boratto.

A series of colorful videos accompany 5 of the 6 EP tracks. Purchase in full on Beatport, and find generous snippets on the album sampler below:


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