Rejjie Snow- Rejovich


Easy easy spent your evening lookin’ for another life. King Krule pal, DOOM spitter and cuz sound to Earl Sweatshirt maybe starts to paint the styles of Rejjie Snow, Irish hip hop newcomer with a quirk not too far off the grid from Tyler, The Creator. Rejjie raps a deep and seductive tone over a wildly diverse collection of beats, ranging from grimy jazz club horns and wanderlust piano to clean and slow, heavy bass drum patterns.

Flow is Rejjie’s most delectable forté. Morphing words and intonations to his creative liking, the results feel natural but also not unintentional. This freedom found roots in tempo chopping, line shifting and the complete dissolution of syntax obedience. Words oblige to the mood of his beats, and to nothing more. Rhythmic dissonance has become a valued member of Rejjie’s style, a cornerstone of originality found on all five tracks of his 2013 debut Rejovich. The EP’s strongest track, “Olga (1984),” (below) is one of the best displays of intelligent wordplay and intricate syllable use around. Rejjie has an enviable appreciation for choosing words that fit snug and purposeful over the beauty of his melancholy beats.

Rejjie’s racially conscious raps echo strongly with calm infuriation for an all-too-slow-moving generation for equality. “Loveleen” (above) references Trayvon Martin and the harsh decor of growing up dark: “See me, I mean, I was a warrior/One a mission, was running and fucking gunnin/And shooting my own decisions/Black, sell a fucking ounce of crack/Momma said to give it back, money over honeys/But the dream was to fucking rap/Walk around the city, looking pretty, but we’re city rats”

Dilla resounds on the backing for “USSR,” a gravely mellow track that pays homage to everyday hardships of a hood: “Plain and simple, plain and sinful/On the cold corner tryna’ sell a man my pain.”

Rejjie is young and excited about his success, and he’s well open to outlining lustful encounters with the ladies that notice. “Sipping guinnesses, chillin’ on the moon/Her name is fucking Luna, I’m the looney to the tune/Kissing on her neck, because she’s gorgeous/Flirting with her momma, ’cause her ass is so enormous.” His braggadocios rhymes and their lethargic execution might contradict on paper, but Rejovich couldn’t be a more brilliant example of relaxed confidence and its strange ability to refocus our ears on alternative shows of historical hip hop pride.

Rejjie is signed to Elton John’s Rocket Label. Buy his EP here and check out his newest ditty below, ya goof:



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