Sonic Week 12.24: Shuffle & Nog

Boozy egg nog and happily bumping speakers, this Christmas is for shuffling around an empty house to some of the biggest tech-house music from this year. Celebrate with silk pajama piano pieces and your brand new pair of giftwrapped Sennheisers. Gifted with love for only you.


Robot Needs Oil goes vogue with its hyperindie name, graciously exhaling redemption with every salsa rhythm and hot dissonant chord. “Fly Away” channels a star Luca Bacchetti tune of 2011, which is probably why it latches on so damn strong. French producer Parra for Cuva is remixed by Denis Yashin on “Small Flowered” next, discovered and showcased by the brilliant collections of “your daily dope dealer” Délicieuse Musique. Classy tunes from front to back. Ian Pooley and Stimming on the same track is as exciting as the beating sunshine is for cloudy Amsterdamers- “Kids Play” is dawn at the park, worries suppressed and jackets hanging off. Minimalism continues on Lake People’s remix of a Nutia track, which wanders with reverberating melodies and a clean sense of distortion. Next, DJ Koze’s protégé Die Vögel brings out the wacky potential of vocal samples. Swelling kazoos and a deep and dependable beat lay the groundwork for “The Chicken,” over which a fabulously thick German accent takes a self-assured crack at his own country. Stereoclip’s debut album is fresh off the presses and features a spicy remix by N’TO; the entirety of Hometown is worth many listens.

Get dirty on fellow Belgian producer Pomrad’s fright-worthy track “Cookies’n Fish,” a raunchy, surprisingly addictive delight. Australia’s Thomas Jack, the most recent producer from down under to explode deluxe house remixes, hints at appreciation for hip hop and deep techno like a new best friend. If you can stomach Evil Olive, catch him on NYE in Chicago. (Also, this mix.) Jim-E Stack’s use of kick drum is what carries the basic format of “Don’t Wait” to exceptional grounds- bass hounds take note. The gentle, oddly mixed track from London’s Cosmo Sheldrake concludes Shuffle & Nog like the ends of wine nights tend to float down and away, soft and heavy, tenderly necessary hours post-peak. Enjoy.


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