Sonic Week 12.13: Warm Cocoa

Warm Cocoa refers to the musical blanket effect, here induced by deep, minimal techno and its often breathtaking melodic stakes. In true sonic week form, you’ll also find hip hop and a bit of alt-rock. Take to headphones to explore the new tracks, minding that there’s never any better way to listen.


Egokind has been dropping singles von Deutschland for months, but “Closer” is his most serious go at a techno club track. It’s apparent just after the 2 minute mark how cozily ‘fetzig’ this tune feels. Just Emma works a sunny 70’s sample into production, remixed this week by deep grooves sage Thomas Atzmann. Next, Bit Funk transfers happiness via bare soulful energy on “Soul Satisfaction.”

Starlito’s raspy, melancholic voice sings hyper-personal confessions over Ryan Hemsworth’s most glittery, emotionally doomed trap production yet. Next, Big Sean left “Control” off Hall Of Fame due to sampling issues, but Kendrick Lamar drills out a beaming verse that just doesn’t deserve to be overlooked. Gold Panda managed to fall off my radar this year, so check a late listen to its beautiful 808 reverence, taking tone pattern suggestions from The Field’s minimal mastery. Adult Jazz is an indie outfit marked with wild Strawberry Jam expressions and forested, feel-good melodies- “Springful” has the makings of a release in the not too distant future. Finally, study dark Burial territories with the 13 minute finale of their new EP. It’s a difficult, wandering listen tinged with rich cinematic desperation, hope and murkiness fit for a modern day Gladiator.


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