Sonic Week 11.24: Curious Arousal

“Sometimes our dreams are so brilliant and our desires so mysterious that we lock them deep inside ourselves to feed and play with only when we sleep…  As if acknowledging them in waking life will betray the veil of control we shroud around our lives.” –MIH bio

The value of subconscious arousal is nothing to downplay. Thoughts inspired from mystery and foreign senses- cousins of intuition and enlightening moments- are the ones to really mull over and savor. In the spirit of embracing every sense from all levels of consciousness, let these songs sink in your bevy of invisible, unknown but definitely there, receptors.


Drum and bass tiptoes from LA’s Made In Heights indulge in a unique combo of vocal sass and jolting percussive attitude. Maths Time Joy’s “Walk With Me” is a literal shocker, despite the pretty, melodic intro and tinkering James Blake components. The 22 year old Londoner whispers “Remember the time I lost my head and found my heart” amongst a truly bizarre collection of soundbite beats. Jamie xx’s untitled new track is a quick-beat catchy affair with house music, and it’s fantastic. Benjha’s “Frames” explores minimal builds that run on soulful, psychedelic vibes. This is the kind of percussion you want to hear in a live set at sundown on a beach in Athens, Benjha’s hometown. All 10 minutes are, as he describes, “( James Brown + Jesus Christ Superstar Overture + Greek singer ‘Αρλέτα’ + whale cries ) * bass.” High Water expresses a similar, dense and culminating heartwrench of a tune with “Railroad Song.” It progresses like a cinematic story, vibrant and expressive in both its ups and downs. Next, Holobody remixes Cocorosie’s “Noah’s Ark” into a livelier, funkier version that creatively honors the weirdness of Cocorosie. Finish with Hot Sugar’s all-star hip hop lineup on “Leverage,” a dream beat on Jay Prince’s “Phase” (prod. Pigeon Do) and the sun that shines every time an English man raps with a heavy accent.


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