Sonic Week 11.7: Friday Inspira/fuck

A journey into your Friday night, beginning with an old but clever track from Clown and Sunset’s 20 year old Soul Keita, following suit with a swarming fresh catch by Axel Bowman that doesn’t fully climax until the fabulously giant fifth minute. Booka Shade’s big tune techno takes a turn towards hotel parties on it’s new album EVE, still lifted though by that signature, decisively pounding bass. Mathias Ache & muLe are probably the only German techno djs that smile in promo shots, goof on facebook and frequent the digital smileys ;), and for that they rank on a scarce, new and unafraid “cool.”  “Sonnette” is melodic and relaxing, made to close down a heavier set with just enough industrial crossover. K-Paul & Resh are the deep house refreshers representing Berlin’s expanding and thriving KaterMukke label; “B.a.a.l” is a solid mix to begin with.

To feel calmer, warmer sounds, begin with Pavla & Noura. These are the alter egos of Valentin Stip and Paul Sara, who individually and collectively create gentle, sexy, cinematic productions- best of which is the Devendra Banhart sampling “Don’t Owe Me A Thing.” Next, broil cozily beside your emotions with a track from Australia’s best new electronic producer, Ta-ku. The self-proclaimed genre killer just released Songs To Break Up To, an experience far too in tune with what a broken heart needs to hear to be anything less than wonderful. Start with frankness on “We Were In Love.” Next hear a sampling from French feminist and filmmaker Agnes Varda’s 1962 film Cléo de 5 à 7, a keynote of French New Wave, paid tribute to by Canadian composer johnny_ripper.

Finally, hear an extraordinary take on hip hop by Stones Throw rapper Jonwayne. The progression on “Reflection” completely plays with listeners, almost diverging into house music for one second before laughing off the prospect with confidently versed candor. It feels interactive, completely unstructured and disobedient towards any existing rap perimeters.



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