L’Orange & Stik Figa- The City Under The City


Noir soundscapes and verses to trance or walk or wake to. Dark bass beats that string hip hop heads up and down. Eccentric and melodically collected producer L’Orange (bottom photo) plays with swing-noir samples and J Dilla beat knockery. Wax Tailor, here’s your mentor. A long-time collaborator with N. Carolina hometown lyricist Stik Figa (top), the two came together under the unfathomably solid hip hop collective and label Mello Music Group. Following MMG on Soundcloud was the best thing I did last month. <-Truth.

The production on The City Under The City is wet with potential to be your favorite new album, stream below and buy it, too. These guys are on the up. Help them put a tour together. In an interview with Rapsody, L’Orange notes the highlighted differences between him and Stik Figa on the album: “It tells the story of a man going between worlds of smoke, soul and depression to color, vividness and fun.”

Also, he wants to make an album with Regina Spektor.  **oh boy, dozsum magic words**

Favorites: “Decorated Silence”, “Stone Like Me”, “One Of Them”


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