Remsy Atassi’s The Liar

Chicago filmmakers Rami and Remsy Atassi present an independent short film called The Liar, which from initial conception to current pre-production wrap has risen to the challenge of film’s competitive industry. It’s a project mid-production, bred from a love for the cerebral and passion for cinematography. It currently needs about 75% more of its $5,000 Kickstarter goal by September 28th, with which your production help is needed.

The film traces the psychological experiences of two fleeing bandits in the late 19th century. As fugitives in a dense, directionless forest, their trust in each other begins to falter and their desperation grows. The story examines choices of morality and greed under especially deteriorating conditions, through what is certain to be a beautiful cinematographic scope. The film promises a compelling story, as the made-public script on The Liar‘s blog will tell. This blog’s open approach (see: inspiration, casting, script, scoring, location scouting, concept art) hopes to share the evolution of production with followers and fellow filmmakers, as well as inform and inspire other ideas to reach production. 

The concept behind crowdfunding is what these filmmakers are aiming to spread. Instead of a few private investors, they believe the collaborative nature of Kickstarter involves more people from all scales of the film industry. More people get to follow and contribute, just as more people get to reap the benefits. On the material plain, pledge rewards include original concept artwork, hand-drawn storyboards, film score, character posters, DVDs, producer credits, invitations to screenings and (!!!) more.

To see and help an independent project unfold is rewarding and uniquely educational. Small donations help to insert yourself into a community of support, one that may satisfy creative gusto for your own projects someday, too.

Pledging ends September 28th. Shooting will be in October only, as autumn leaves don’t negotiate their fall. See the Kickstarter page for more details on the film, as well as exactly where pledged funds will go.


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