Doe Paoro

This woman’s got it.

Cover of Future Islands-“Little Dreamer”

Sonia Kreitzer’s “ghost soul” breeds from the uncertainties of our generation- and the empowerment that manifests from those same uncertainties. Vocal and musical power, in the case of her ear-catching Brooklyn band Doe Paoro.

Her voice sounds just as confident as it does primal. Her passion is distinctly audible; think Frank Ocean, Future Islands, James Blake, Alina Orlova. Listen to the wavering strength of title track “Slow to Love“, during which she reflects the desire to avoid the fast to love, thus avoiding the fast to hate. Kreitzer spent time alone travelling the Himalayas, where she studied Lhamo, a Buddhist inspired Tibetan folk opera. Vocal oddities and uniquely arranged tones might be attributed to this; the start of each song reveals little about the middles or the ends. Her multi-layered vocals certainly polish these ethereal influences.

“Born Whole” carries these strengths over an ominous beat and to a dark-toned video, check out the blindfolded boldness below.

Slow to Love $5 on Bandcamp


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