Playlist: 10 songs to get lost in a forest with

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Since Spring is actually just around the corner, it’s time to reconnect with our forested paths and make time for explorin’. What better soundtrack to refresh our worlds to than some peace and folk harmony. Got sneaks and some headphones? You’re ready. Set… GO!

Bowerbirds- “Northern Lights”

A lazy start to what should be a long and lazy walk. Bowerbirds is known for their fluctuating vocal tone and delicate instrumental background. Northern Lights is a tame, easy and beautiful leeway into nature… who knows what atmospheric phenomenons wait for you.

Fleet Foxes- “Heard Them Stirring”

What is that you hear brushing, rustling, stirring?? Could it be branch buds awakening to the warm spring breeze, or birds giddy from a long trip back north? Maybe it’s both but more likely it’s your curiosity whipping around, which happens to go perfectly with the atmospheric folk of Fleet Foxes.

The Lumineers- “Ho Hey”

Happy-go-lucky is this jam, and let’s be honest we could all use this feeling. If not to lift your spirits than to inspire your walk up that big muddy hill. Hey ho, go check out the view from up there.

Joe Pug- “Hymn #76”

Joe Pug creaks a certain homestyle comfort with his thoughtful lyrics and honest seeking man’s voice. Take to his style and walk with it, learn from it. Newest album The Great Despiser just dropped and contains many more of these.

Heartless Bastards- “Arrow that Killed the Beast”

Another pretty hearty and slow moving track. Heartless Bastard’s main woman Erika Wennerstrom has vocals so beautiful you might just reach serenity while listening to them.

Devendra Banhardt- “Goin’ Back”

Devendra has a quiver in his voice that’s impossible to miss. It’s romantic and unique. The scratchy recording- a signature style from his first albums- returns in this track just enough to transport us to a slightly more enchanting place.

The Tallest Man on Earth- “Troubles Will Be Gone”

This one makes the list for the same reasons Joe Pug does. Kristian Matsson’s Swedish (yet somehow very American) voice sings about hope overcoming trials in a way that’s entirely humbling. This might be the voice of reason you need to start your Spring fresh.

Mountain Man- “How‘m I Doin’”

These harmonies are simply stunning. They conjure visions of gnomes, forest nymphs and wandering animals, seriously complimenting a sunny afternoon trail.

Bon Iver- “Hinnom, TX”

Bon Iver has boldly claimed the forest dwelling music genre for us in the past five years. Their presence on this list is obvious. “Himmon, TX” exhibits Vernon’s signature reverb, piano and harmonies, with tones and volume that progress nicely within the otherwise very simple song.

Sufjan Stevens- “Impossible Soul”

Sufjan has come a long way from an acoustic folk road to a more experimental pavement, and this particular track from his most recent album is an absolute expedition. It’s no challenge to get lost in this, go on now and do just that.


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