Harry Brandt

A serious of pilot project episodes, chronicling the musical visits to Mr. Harry Brandt’s quaint Dutch home.

He is a seasoned man, rich with a knowledge and taste for culture only obtainable through a lifetime love of books, film, music, travel and conversation.

The project sets the scene for Harry Brandt to invite musicians into his canalside home, where each artist/group of artists is recorded- in different scenarios and therefore often in different rooms. Although the music is the core element recorded, the project is explained by co-creator Jeroen van der Poel as “a research /cross-over between Journalism/documentary/cinematography.” (jeroenvanderpoel)

Pilots were filmed in Amsterdam, Autumn 2011, by Jeroen van der Poel & Bram Loogman.

Pale Seas- Amour

Dutch Uncles- Cadenza

Fruit Bats- Tangie and Ray

Awkward I- Sat Pretty Lips Pursed

I Got You On Tape- Springsteen

Pinkunoizu- Time is Like a Melody

Creators also associated with Amsterdam Acoustics, a Take Away Show inspired previous project.

One Response to “Harry Brandt”
  1. Camille says:

    Nice job !

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