Nicolas Jaar

This man, more than any other DJ this past year, has secured the attention of my beat-eager ears; It took one share from a French girl and that was it. Nicolas Jaar produces the sexiest fusions of Latino, jazz, soul, minimal and house. He remixes jems from all decades, listen to a minor-key remix of Wendy Rene’s ’64 classic here, or an equally smooth remix of the UK band The Bees’ “Winter Rose” track here.

The tangy, slightly more upbeat and original track “El Bandido” was named Soundcloud’s track of the 2009:

Ambient beats are certainly Jaar’s forte, his 2010 LP Space is Only Noise You Can See might be one of the best albums to take a night drive with. Check out the title track as well as I Got A Woman to begin.

Don’t let this overflow of links overwhelm you, it’s a testament to my unfaltering faith in his ability to suave just about anybody. Toe tappage by the likes of your friends, co-workers and their mothers to this funky standout in what seems to be a rapidly growing catalogue of beats by this 21 year old (!!!) Chilean talent.

Mi Mujer:


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